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How do you make drinking water trendy? Everyone knows that water is healthy and for SipWell we came up with a concept that brings instant happiness to consumers. ‘Happy Water’ is a booklet full of recipes to present fancy infused water drinks in no time. You can also find ideas for water popsicles and tea-based drinks – with SipWell you tap hot water as well. We worked out the entire concept, including photography, copy and design. And we developed the recipes in collaboration with SipWell ambassador and njam! chef Steffi Vertriest. 


From Steffi Vertriest to Tessa Wullaert 

With the impact of corona and the increase of remote work, the B2C market has become much more important to SipWell. To reach that target group, we opted for a 360 approach. Steffi Vertriest is the face of the recipe book, but we also invited the entire community to send in a fun recipe for a drink with water. Even Red Flame Tessa Wullaert participated and shared her own ‘red’ creation. 

From the many contributions, we selected ten candidates from which followers on Sipwell’s social media could choose their favorite. The winner was rewarded with a publication in the recipe book. In addition, we sent out a press release to highlight the initiative and people could order the book on the SipWell website. Customers also received a free SqueezeWell package with three delicious, fruity flavors to add to their water: lime/lemon, melon/strawberry or blueberry. 


This book proves that water doesn’t have to be boring at all. This summer, we want to inspire people to create their own delicious water-based drinks. Moreover, we are very proud that we were able to accomplish this with our ambassador Steffi Vertriest. The result is a nice mix of recipes and interesting tips & tricks.

Peter Henderickx, back then General Manager of SipWell


Workshop in Meise Botanical Garden

We worked out the entire concept. And for this we pulled out all the stops. We even went to sunny Ibiza to give the recipe book’s photos a summery look & feel. Because we had a clear idea of what the result should look like, we prepared a detailed script. 

The official presentation of the book also came with a summery twist. In Meise Botanical Garden, we built a beautiful setting to welcome influencers – from the world of lifestyle, health, food and moms – for a fun workshop in which they could try out the drinks. We specifically chose influencers with followers in SipWell’s target group. Thanks to the wonderful scenery, they not only created inspiring stories, but also shared a lot of photos with their followers. No less than 119 publications in total, resulting in an engagement of 28.5K.


Give it a try

Do you also fancy a delicious and healthy water-based drink? We are happy to share the recipe of one of the drinks from the book: the Herbal Lavender Sunset Infusion. Cheers! 

For 4 people:

  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers 
  • 1 to 1.5 liters of water 
  • Sage (optional) 
  • Thyme (optional) 

Wash the lemon and cut it into thin slices. Also add the lavender flowers to the water in the jug. Leave it to soak overnight, but certainly not more than 24 hours as the flavor of the lavender will become too strong. Optional: for an extra spicy flavor, also add sage ad thyme. Serve with large ice cubes that you can pimp by freezing with lavender. 

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